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What time do people eat in Uruguay

Dinner time in Uruguay is …10pm??!! Revealed – Your secret weapon in the quest to make it alive to dinner in Montevideo.

Tipping in Uruguay - El Mingus Restobar

Tipping in Uruguay

What to tip waiters, bartenders, taxi drivers…and …do you *really* have to tip the guy who guides you into a parking spot? It’s all here.

Gaucho & Money Museums

The Gaucho Museum

Most museums in Montevideo are run by the state and free to visit. The Gaucho Museum is located in a fantastic “palacio” worth a visit in its own right.

Shelter Patio Cervecero where to go for a beer in montevideo

Checking out the craft beer in Uruguay

For a country of 3 million, Uruguay has a notable number of craft breweries, all producing excellent craft beer, many using Belgian hops.