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What is candombe?

Candombe is an essential part of Uruguayan culture. Every neighbourhood has its comparsa (troupe), regardless of social class or background.

Uruguay Carnival: 2020 'Llamadas'

6 reasons not to miss carnival in Montevideo

Virtually unknown to people outside of Uruguay, carnival in the capital Montevideo is one of the most authentic in the world. Start planning now for 2023.

Murga, Uruguay carnival

Carnival in Uruguay – what is murga?

Murga is an instantly recognisable musical style associated with carnival. It’s a uniquely Uruguayan phenomenon, with very distant roots in Cadiz, Spain.

Murga, Uruguay carnival

What’s worth checking out in Carnival

Carnival starts late January till early March. Yes, it’s the world’s longest carnival. The parades and shows you must not miss, where to buy tickets, etc.

Abitab sign

Buying tickets for concerts and carnival

You can buy tickets for concerts and carnival shows in Montevideo at box offices and Abitab and Red Pagos/RED UTS – the stores are found all over Uruguay.