Lobo Suelto

Best little foodtruck in the East

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A little foodtruck stands on the roadside between the airport and Punta del Este. Hard to believe but only the locals know that it’s the best place to stop for traditional Uruguay food.

By the side of the highway, locals Monica and Gabriel go the extra mile with their traditional Uruguayan ‘fast food’. They serve chivitos — the classic Uruguayan steak sandwich which Anthony Bourdain called the Everest of steak sandwiches —, home-made burgers and fish of the day. Vegetarians and everyone else will be delighted with their organic salads, veggie burgers and pastas like mushroom and roast veggie lasagna.

They source their ingredients locally including the sourdough ciabattas, free-range eggs and fruit preserves. What we really love, the greens and fresh herbs are from their own kitchen garden out back!

During summer they serve 100% natural fruit juices and smoothies. The winter menu includes Uruguayan hotpot classics like lentil stew (cazuela de lentejas) and Brazilian black bean feijoada.

What you should know

On the side of the coastal highway The foodtruck is parked permenantly off-road in Punta Ballena — of CasaPueblo fame — off the coastal highway known as the Interbalnearia or IB which runs between the airport in Montevideo and Punta del Este. To know where to pull off, keep your eye on the roadside markers (they go up in one kilometre increments). Lobo Suelto is at the km 118 marker opposite the ANCAP gas station. Exit south at the roundabout.

Unexpected culinary gem Guru’Guay is proud to have discovered Lobo Suelto during our one year research for our latest travel guide to Uruguay: Beaches, Ranches and Wine Country. We had given ourselves the strict criteria of only including eateries that open all year round of consistently excellent quality. Well-known chefs from Uruguay’s slow food movement insisted we had to check out this little foodtruck.

Debit cards accepted, both VISA and Mastercard. No credit cards.


Lobo Suelto
Km 118 on the coastal highway (Ruta IB), Punta Ballena, Maldonado


Chivitos and main courses from 600 pesos.

Opening hours

Wed-Sun for lunch.
Thu-Sat for dinner.

High season open everyday, for lunch and dinner.

Photos: Lobo Suelto Chiviteria & Guru’Guay

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  1. The sit-down experience was great in this little restaurant. Clean, professional and super fast. Prizes were surprisingly good. This family business has a unique feel to it!

  2. We had such a great late lunch yesterday! Your food was well flavored, and the fish of the day, tender and moist – grilled with garlic and parsley.
    We will come back any day!
    Your hours from 12-4pm suits us perfectly.
    Well done with creating an inviting atmosphere inside the restaurant. Unique and welcoming. Service was great.

  3. This is not just a food truck, it is an amazing family restaurant.
    Owned and run by an amazing family that makes beautiful food with lots of love and passion.
    Highly recommended.
    Our new favourite spot.

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