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Tu Piano is back! From September to October 2, the piano that anyone is welcome to sit down and play is at Parque de la Amistad a children’s park which includes games for children who use wheelchairs in Pocitos.

The piano first appeared on the streets of Montevideo in April 2016. Since then, it’s turned up in plazas, on main street, in a bus station, or even in a hospital.

I heard this great story when the piano first appeared in Montevideo. Writer and poet, Horacio Cavallo, works in the bookshop where the piano was stored at night and had enjoyed hearing the piano being played by different passers-by. “On Sunday I heard a song which made me step outside the bookshop. I can’t explain why,” he posted on Facebook. “Then suddenly I realised that the person who was singing along was my mother!” Apparently his mum had been passing by, heard a song she knew being played on the piano and fancied striking up herself.

Four hands

Lucila plays Amelie


It was an unseasonably wet April this year


Soy tu Piano (I’m Your Piano)

This was the first time that Jazmine had had the chance to touch the keys of a piano.
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Soy Tu Piano was the first time that Jazmine had had the chance to touch the keys of a piano.

The initiative is the brainchild of a group of artists and musicians aiming to bring access to music and arts education into public spaces in Uruguay, and promote harmonious (literally!) interaction between the residents of the city, musicians and non-musicians alike.

They’ve come up with two types of action.

“Free Piano” where anyone who wants to can sit down and play, and “Spontaneous Concerts” where established pianists –such as Uruguayan jazz legend Hugo Fattoruso— take the piano through its paces for the public.

The piano was painted by street artists at Casa Wang.

Find out where Soy Tu Piano will be next on Facebook. #GottaLoveUruguay

Videos and photos: Courtesy of Soy Tu Piano and Cecilia Torres

[Article first published: 24 April 2016; last updated at the date above]

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