San Baltasar Carnival parade – January 6

My friend who's 'carnival royalty' says San Baltasar is like carnival was when she was a child. Your chance to see Uruguay carnival just after new year.
By Karen A Higgs
Las Llamadas - Uruguay carnival - by Jimmy Baikovicius
Last updated on January 6, 2020

The Llamadas de San Baltasar is a traditional festival of Uruguayan candombe which takes place every January 6. It’s a truly authentic spectacle as tens of drumming and dancing comparsas parade through the streets of Barrio Sur and Palermo flanked by locals.

My friend Soledad who I call ‘carnival royalty’ loves San Baltasar. She says it is just how carnival was when she was a child.

Though carnival isn’t touristy at all in Uruguay, San Baltasar is really how carnival in Montevideo was thirty years ago—so expect simple outfits, no tickets and no security presence. Just people enjoying themselves.

Why January 6? The date is chosen to celebrate Three Kings Day (when Uruguayan children typically receive gifts) and the Afro-Uruguayan community.

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Click on the Guru’Guay map of the San Baltasar Parade to see the start and end points of the parade

The procession starts around 4pm and lasts till after sundown.

Photo by Jimmy Baikovicius




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