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Over the last ten years a growing number of Europeans and North Americans have been moving to Uruguay. It’s partly down global factors and the progressive nature and long time stability of Uruguay’s laws and economy. The latter is an open secret in South America with Uruguay regarded as a safe haven for investors particularly those from Argentina for decades

Too many expat websites gloss over the reality. You can be assured Guru’Guay gives you the real picture–warts-and-all when necessary.

Why you can trust what Guru’Guay says about living in Uruguay

The creator of Guru’Guay, Karen A Higgs, was born and bred in the UK, studied there and the US and has lived for many years in different countries in Latin America and the US. She moved to Uruguay with her family in 2000 and they loved it so much they never left.

Karen is a recognised expert on Uruguay featured in both international and national press and has written two books: The Guru’Guay Guide to Montevideo (second edition 2019 — there’s an audiobook too) and The Guru’Guay Guide to Uruguay: Beaches, Ranches and Wine Country (2017). Her readers include the British Ambassador to Uruguay and other notables. Guru’Guay is proud to be part of Uruguay Natural, the official country brand of Uruguay.

The Insider’s Guide to Moving to Uruguay

Guru’Guay has written almost 200 articles about Uruguay (check out our blog). For articles specifically related to relocation check out our Living in Uruguay channel. We walk you through the legal requirements, taxes and the costs of buying property, getting residency, citizenship, setting up a business, making a will (it’s surprisingly different to US or UK law) and more. If you are interested in a different subject, tell us in the comments below.

The best local experts and service providers

The best experiences and services come by word of mouth. That’s probably true anywhere but especially so in Uruguay. And unfortunately as the number of people emigrating here is growing, we are starting to hear some horror stories of cowboy relocation ‘experts’ and the like.

Think of us as a friend sharing our favourite contacts. We only recommend people and companies we know personally/professionally. They can make your eventual landing in Uruguay the softest possible. Wherever possible we choose people who speak great English–and if they don’t there’s something else about their service that you will really be grateful for.

Check out our recommended service providers in the Living in Uruguay channel.


Photo: Jimmy Baikovicius 

Thinking of moving to Uruguay?

Relocation consultations

With Karen A Higgs, the founder of Guru’Guay & an internationally-recognised expert, regarding your unique situation and needs.

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