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Real Estate in Uruguay

Bringing expats and property owners together

Buying real estate in Uruguay

Over the last ten years a growing number of Europeans and North Americans have been buying real estate in Uruguay. This is partly down global factors, increases in the value of farmland and the stability of Uruguay’s economy and laws. The latter is an open secret in South America with Uruguay regarded as a safe haven for Latin American investors particularly those from Argentina for decades. There are no restrictions on who can purchase property–except for those affecting rural property—but you must use a public notary to prepare the legal documents. The notary ensures the title deeds are in order and that there are no outstanding debts on the property.

Uruguay has a legal regime which provides for the free entry and exit of foreign currency and also permits it to be freely converted into the local currency. All real estate transactions are carried out in US dollars. As will be seen below, for certain tax aspects the value is recalculated in Uruguayan pesos and taxes are paid in pesos, but the transaction itself will always be in US dollars.

I’m buying a NEW build outside Montevideo

2021 ended with some big news for my family. We bought an investment property outside of Montevideo near the airport.

And I’m documenting the process through articles and off-the-cuff videos.

Computer-generated layout of the La Juana estate