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The Guru’Guay Guide to Montevideo



NEW EDITION of Uruguay’s favourite guidebook. The Guru’Guay Guide to Montevideo is the only guide to Montevideo, capital of Uruguay, written by an author who actually lives in Uruguay and the difference to other commercial guides is palpable. Following rave reviews for its debut edition, this second edition has been honoured with sponsorship by the Uruguay Ministry of Tourism and the government of Montevideo—and is indispensable for anyone visiting Uruguay.

Formats and editions: Paperback, Kindle & Audiobook

Features in-depth information on:

Society & Culture

  • history How did this tiny country get to be so progressive? Your burning questions answered.
  • the Uruguayan character, a chapter of entirely personal anecdotes that illustrate that Uruguayans (from presidents to petty thieves) are friendly and down-to-earth
  • expressions EVERYONE uses on the street and what they mean
  • films to watch, albums to listen to and books to read before you come

Food & Drink

  • what time the locals eat and how Uruguayans survive through to a 10pm dinnertime
  • street food
  • wine and craft beer from Uruguay are winning prizes internationally. The guide points you to which to try and why
  • restaurants for people desperate for gourmet and veggie options
  • restaurants for wine-lovers
  • historic cafes The most charming, and the grittiest

Things to do

  • guided tours to wine, carnival and more
  • great day trips, from UNESCO heritage site Colonia de Sacramento, to glitzy Punta del Este, to the Santa Lucia wetlands
  • architectural highlights in possibly the city with the biggest concentration of Art-deco after New York
  • art museums and underground art coops
  • beaches including which of the 10 is best for children, windsurf and boat rental, etc
  • shopping and buying original gifts Really. Ever heard of a guidebook that helps you with this thankless task?
  • shopping for wine-lovers Wow, right? Where to go to get expert advice and dah goods
  • why Carnival in Montevideo is so unique and where and when to track down the best (and worst) of carnival, even off-season
  • tango Here tango is something the locals do, it’s not “for export”. One milonga, or dance salon, even takes place in a living room.
  • the best live music and live acts that Montevideo has to offer Tiny Uruguay has a huge share of highly talented musicians. Pay under 10 USD to see a world-class band in a tiny cafe.
  • gay Montevideo has a small but charming scene


  • flying into Uruguay, including a candid look at airlines to avoid
  • getting to (or from) Montevideo from Buenos Aires The fastest, cheapest and most leisurely routes
  • best time to visit and how long to stay Insights only a long-term resident can give
  • public holidays when Montevideo pretty much shuts down, so it’s essential to know when they are and festivals you must not miss, like the mysterious Sea Goddess celebrations
  • best neighbourhoods to stay based on your personal preferences
  • architecturally-lovely accommodation Options for all pockets
  • personal safety Dispelling myths and tips specific to neighbourhoods
  • getting around on public transport like a local
  • driving and car rental The logic in seemingly erratic traffic patterns and driving habits
  • tipping demystified eg why you don’t tip taxi drivers but do tip street parking attendants
  • money exchange including troubleshooting ATM withdrawals


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