Guru'Guay Guide to Montevideo (audiobook)

The secret delights of Montevideo are not evident. It’s not an easy city to get a handle on, even when you speak Spanish. Use this guide together with our website and find us on social media. Then you will have access to the kind of up-to-date, insider knowledge that only a local has. Because unlike other international travel guides to Uruguay, this guide is written – and read to you – by an author who is an internationally recognised expert on Uruguay and who has called Montevideo her home for over two decades. Montevideo remains a unique off-the-radar destination in South America. Lucky you.

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The world’s longest water-front promenade, the longest carnival lasting 40 nights, more art-deco architecture than any city besides New York, progressive politics, world-class music, and a unique cultural scene, 10 beaches, historic cafés, outstanding wines, and the tastiest beef. Montevideo, capital of Uruguay, South America’s second smallest nation, has it all.

With just one and a half million residents, Montevideo is small enough to get around on foot and the locals are extremely friendly, like you’d find in a small town.

As you’ll listen, you’ll find there are so many things to do that you’re going to want to spend at least four days and three nights to really get a flavour of the city. Though if you can, spend longer and make side-trips to deserted beaches, wine country, and ride with gauchos in the interior, known as “Uruguay profundo”. And plan to sleep a lot of siestas. Because you’re going to want to dive into the local music scene and shows don’t start till late.


The Guru’Guay Guide to Montevideo, written and narrated by Karen A Higgs.

Recorded at Vivace Music and Ssendero studios in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Music by Diego Janssen.

Guru’Guay is proud to be part of Uruguay Natural, the country brand of Uruguay.

©2019 Karen A Higgs (P)2020 Karen A Higgs


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