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The Guru’Guay Guide to Uruguay (digital)

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Written by a Brit with all the contacts and knowledge accrued over almost twenty years living in Uruguay, this guidebook (184-pages, published November 2017) will make your holiday planning stress-free and ensure you have an unforgettable time in one of South America’s least-explored destinations.

The only Uruguay guides with passion and soul

The Guru’Guay Guides are not endless dry lists. You have limited time. So the author selects only the very best or the most curious places and then goes into serious detail—so you can make great decisions. Readers rave about reading a Guru’Guay guide in one sitting. The guide describes each destination, where to stay and eat, things to do, how to get there and includes important ‘what you should know’ advisories.

The beaches

Uruguay has an extremely short high season. The rest of the year you’ll have the entire beach to yourself. Roam the sandy streets of hippie hideaways in Rocha, commune with thousands of seals in the Hebridean solitude of Cabo Polonio and check out Jose Ignacio, a former fishing town frequented by the likes of Mark Zuckerberg. The guide looks at each beach, when to visit (crucial to avoid crowds), where to stay (including renting) and where to eat. Off-season most seaside restaurants and hotels close down. On a mission to improve the beach economy, the guide only includes great hotels and restaurants open all year.

Gaucho country

Uruguayans refer to anywhere beyond Montevideo and the coast as “Uruguay profundo”. The land is untouched and you may pass more gauchos on horseback than cars on the two-lane highways. Take a few days to kick back at a traditional cattle ranch or estancia. The Guru’Guay guide covers estancias to suit all tastes—from a rustic ranch owned by a gaucho couple, to the grand estancia of an Austrian-Uruguayan family with a lovely pool and capybaras in the garden, to a ‘million-star’ vegetarian inn specialising in adventurous horse rides in the stunning Rocha hills. An inspired chart will help you choose the estancia that best suits your dream holiday.

The friendliest wineries

If you haven’t tried Uruguayan wine yet, maybe it’s because the entire wine production of Uruguay is equivalent to just one medium-size vineyard in neighbouring Argentina! A winery visit is uniquely friendly and personal. Your host will often be the wine-maker, the great grandchild of Italian immigrants, who still bottles their award-winning wines by hand. The dedicated wine traveller will love the lists of the best Uruguayan wines by local experts.

Foodies – you’ve found your guide

This is where Guru’Guay really comes into its own, uncovering unique eateries in a country primarily known for its beef. Like an urban 18-seat bistro run by an ex-motorbike mechanic which chefs are calling the most exciting thing to hit Uruguay culinary in years. Or the best little food truck between the airport and the beach.

Practical tips

To make your stay stress-free and save you money, chapters include:

  • Getting to Uruguay including flying, the ferry or coming overland
  • Holidays and festivals The best festivals and where to stay close by
  • What to bring So you save space for the wine you’ll want to take home
  • Driving and car hire including estimated drive times—Google Maps can be way out
  • Food and drink What eating out costs, mealtimes and ten traditional dishes
  • Staying healthy Essential tips on marijuana etiquette
  • Money and tipping including the weirdest ATM hacks that actually work.
  • Caveat regarding maps Why the author recommends picking up free paper maps at regional tourist centres when you arrive.

Why choose a Guru’Guay Guide

Other international guides on Uruguay are written by people who jet in for a few weeks. The author of Guru’Guay has lived almost twenty years in Montevideo. A well-travelled Brit she understands what travellers want and love. Because we are based in Uruguay book updates are posted online. Guru’Guay is proud to be part of Uruguay Natural, the official country brand of Uruguay. Should you also buy the Guru’Guay Guide to Montevideo? This guidebook includes an eight-page chapter on the capital. However if you are planning to stay more than two nights (and you should!) get the Guru’Guay Guide to Montevideo too. It also includes much more information on Uruguayan society and culture.

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11 reviews for The Guru’Guay Guide to Uruguay (digital)

  1. Michael J Carey

    With an eye for the quirky and a deep connection to her subject, Karen Higgs offers up an enjoyable and easily accessible introduction to Uruguay. I have already consumed her guide to Montevideo, and this second course opens up knowledge of the surrounding areas and displays the charismatic love of country that she seeks to share.

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  2. Grizzly gwen

    This book rocks!! It is easy to read, full of current up to date information and keeps you turning the page! We spent all night reading and dreaming about adventures to have in Uruguay. Excellent book!!

    [This review was reposted from]

  3. Anthony Zuanich

    This is an exceptional book full of loads of information to get the most out of your experience visiting or living in Uruguay! Uruguay is a delightful country and very easy to maneuver your way through with this very helpful guide.

    [This review was reposted from]

  4. Andy H.

    We were looking for someplace warm and a bit off the beaten path for a December honeymoon and after a bit of amateur research, this book really was what clinched Uruguay for us. It’s a great read, written in a way that allows even an inexperienced traveler to start remembering and referencing places of interest pretty quickly. Even for the nervous/planner type, this book gives a level of detail that puts the reader/traveler at ease.

    [This review was reposted from]

  5. Lisa S

    We’re not normally guidebook people — usually just go somewhere and wing it. But we only had a short time to spend in Uruguay, so I picked up this book for some insight. We found so many interesting places (and great meals) through this guide that we would not have found otherwise. Karen’s thoughtful recommendations led to some of our best memories of the trip!

    [This review was reposted from]

  6. linda dahlin

    A great guide for anyone looking for inside info on Uruguay. There are very few books to choose from. This book sums up areas, to do’s and must sees.

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  7. Carol

    We used this book to travel all around Uruguay. This book, along with Karen’s website and email listserv, kept us plenty busy as we traveled around the country. We used the book to plan our routes and used many of her restaurant, hotel, and sight seeing recommendations. I looked around at other Uruguay guide books and this one was the best by far. If you’re traveling to the magical country of Uruguay, this books is a must.

    [This review was reposted from]

  8. John

    This book is a real treasure. I love that it is filled with smart tips about visiting this amazing country in a way that encourages you to appreciate all this country has to offer. It’s refreshing that the small details so often over looked in other guides is not overlooked in this book. When I visit a new country, I want to experience it as close to how a native experiences it and this book really provides this roadmap – for example: I don’t want to visit the most popular coffee shop in the country, I want to visit the most interesting. This book highlights the information I am looking for to experience an authentic visit to Uruguay. Montevideo, here I come!

    [This review was reposted from]

  9. Bronwyn Bagley

    Uruguay is a hidden gem and a truly unique country. We wanted to see as much of as we could in the two weeks we there. This book is concise and honest with personal reviews on places visited. We found it a quick read and easy to use as a reference while we were travelling around. The restaurants and accommodation suggested lived up to the recommendations – it is also current so the places restaurants recommended were open, in business and excellent. We made one mistake, we didn’t book a hotel as recommended by the Guru’guay in Colonia and the place we stayed at was not up to standard, Charca in Colonia was outstanding. There will be a next time though!

    [This review was reposted from]

  10. Chuck

    Simple, straightforward and very helpful. The passion of the author to assist travelers in learning about the lovely country is extraordinary. You must have this book before visiting Uruguay.

    [This review was reposted from]

  11. zovrelioptor

    Everything is very open and very clear explanation of issues. was truly information. Your website is very useful. Thanks for sharing.

    • The Guru of Guru’Guay


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