New Guru’Guay guide to Montevideo out now

New Guru’Guay guide to Montevideo out now – 100% passion

The Lonely Planet has named Uruguay one of the ten countries you MUST visit in 2020 and with perfect timing our new Guru’Guay Guide to Montevideo–the capital of Latin America’s most off-the-radar destination–is just out on Amazon.

This is the second edition (the first came out in 2016) and has been recognised by the Uruguay Ministry of Tourism and the Montevideo city government. Huge kudos for an independent publisher.

So what will you find in the new edition of the Guru’Guay Guide to Montevideo

Guru’Guay guidebooks are not dry list of things to see and do. They are full of soul and passion.

Our guides are written by an author who has actually lived in Montevideo for twenty years and she’s checked out each and every one of her recommendations. She is the only Uruguay guidebook author published internationally who is an actual long-time resident. So the difference to other commercial guides–whose authors fly in and fly out again after a short visit–is palpable.

You have limited time and we want to make sure that your visit is unforgettable. So we only include the very best–or the most curious or original.

Some highlights below. For a closer look at the contents, check out the book description on Amazon.

Society and culture

  • How did this tiny country get to be so progressive? Your burning questions answered.

  • The Uruguayan character, a chapter of entirely personal anecdotes that illustrate that Uruguayans (from presidents to petty thieves) are friendly and down-to-earth

  • Uruguayan expressions EVERYONE uses on the street and what they mean

  • Films to watch, albums to listen to and books to read before you arrive

Things to do

  • Architectural beauties, art galleries, underground art coops, street art and other unique online art initiatives

  • Museums, recommended tours and fascinating day trips

  • Beaches and outdoors

  • Shopping and buying original gifts

  • Carnival, candombe, tango and murga. Yes, Uruguay’s traditional music and dance forms explained

  • Gay Montevideo’s small but charming scene

Food and drink

  • What time the locals eat, how to order your beef like a local and how to survive till a 9pm dinnertime

  • Street food favourites

  • 20 wines you must not miss and 10 great wines for ten dollars and under

  • Our favourite restaurants – readers tell us ate better than in any other South American country thanks to our carefully curated selection – including brunch and food markets

  • Historic cafes The most charming, and the grittiest


  • Flying to Uruguay. Our tips have saved readers hundreds of dollars

  • The best time to visit–for you–and how long to stay. Insights only a long-time resident has

  • Public holidays and festivals you must not miss, like the mysterious Sea Goddess celebrations

  • Driving including the logic to seemingly erratic traffic patterns and driving habits

  • Tipping demystified. Why you don’t tip taxi drivers but do tip parking attendants

  • Money. Find out how to get 22% off at restaurants without even trying

What’s in the new edition?

All content has been thoroughly updated from our 2016 first edition and there are new chapters on some of Uruguay’s virtually unknown traditional music scenes – candombe, murga and tango.

Food and drink chapters, particularly wine and restaurants, have been pretty much rewritten.

You’ll swoon over our new wine lists–the 20 you cannot miss and top 10 for less than ten dollars.

I was delighted that most of the restaurants we selected back in 2015 for the first guide, still exist–a credit to our focusing on quality eateries–but since the first edition of the Guru’Guay guide there has been a foodie revolution in the city, and we had to make sure it was reflected here.

Imagine. In 2015 it was almost impossible to come across good bread. Now almost every restaurant or cafe with serious credentials is making their own handmade sourdough. In 2015, we were marveling at there being 21 craft breweries. Four years later there are over 250.

Uruguayans are still fairly wary of hot food, but now there’s a big demand for more adventurous foods with lots of herbs and spices. Uruguay’s always had wonderful produce–grass fed beef being the norm, tomatoes that taste like tomatoes–but now restauranteurs are aware of the value and really going for organic. Vegetarians and even vegans are well-catered for in 2019-20 in the capital of Beef.

I loved Montevideo before, but these changes mean I may not ever have to leave! And you won’t want to either. I’m with the Lonely Planet. Get Uruguay on your bucket list NOW

The 2nd edition of the
Guru’Guay Guide to Montevideo

Guru’Guay Guide To Uruguay:
Beaches Ranches & Wine Country 


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