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Montevideo carnival is the world’s longest carnival starting January thru early March. We’ve got the links you need in English about where to go and what to see.

Carnival in Uruguay is uniquely different to anywhere else in the world. And what’s really special for a visitor is that it is still an event primarily for the locals. Here are Montevideo carnival 2020 dates:

Carnival tablados

Carnival tablados are on across the city from January 23 for the next 40 nights (longer if there’s rain). Tablados are nightly shows featuring four to seven carnival groups. So you can expect to be able to attend a tablado in Montevideo until early March. Some tablado line-ups are better than others. Check out this page (in Spanish) to see what’s on tonight.

For tablado recommendations in English, visit the Guru’Guay Facebook page. We post the day’s recommended tablado on request. Just write to us via Facebook 24-48 hours in advance and we’ll be happy to help. Just a little service we love to provide to help you get the most out of your time here.

Montevideo Carnival parades

Thursday January 23   Desfile inaugural, the Inaugural Carnival Parade (down 18 de Julio Avenue) from 8.30pm

Friday February 7 and Saturday 8*   Las Llamadas, the amazing Llamadas Parade (down Isla de Flores street between Barrio Sur and Palermo).

Essential reading on Carnival in Uruguay

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To really understand what it’s all about, hit carnival parades, shows and carnival rehearsals with “The Carnival Whisperer”

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Our Discover Uruguay group is a great place to ask other questions get more great information about carnival and other things to do while you’re in Uruguay. And don’t miss our carnival recommendations


* In 2020, for the first time the Llamadas are being held on Friday and Saturday, instead of the traditional Thursday and Friday. 

Photos: Simone Mul-Baker

Source for dates: Calle Febrero

[First published: July 20 2019, last updated at the date above]

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