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Las Cárcavas

Exclusive ocean front lots close to José Ignacio

Rocha, Uruguay

Las Cárcavas is a beach-front real estate development of exclusive sustainable ranch-style lots, located right on the breathtaking coast of Rocha, Uruguay, a short drive to the internationally-fêted beach town of José Ignacio, and just over an hour from an international airport.
Sustainability and environmental care are among the guiding principles of Las Cárcavas. Half the development is devoted exclusively to common areas, green spaces and a natural ecological reserve. The developers guarantee privacy and exclusivity. Also incorporated is an array of high-end amenities, including a beach club on the shore of a lagoon, a natural grass tennis court, grill area, fire pit, corrals, and a swimming pool.

Ranch lots & bungalows

The real estate at Las Cárcavas includes twenty-four ranch-style lots—known locally as chacras—, each on approximately two acres. Ocean-front plots are available (lots right on the ocean are a rare find in Uruguay). Residences will follow certain pre-established architectural guidelines (something that’s not necessarily a given in this part of the world) to ensure harmony with the natural surroundings.

Designed by the renowned Brazilian architect Isay Weinfeld, sixteen luxury bungalows are for sale. The bungalows are designed for privacy and appreciation of nature. They are spacious—over two thousand feet square—with woodland views, a large open-plan living room and kitchen, two large ensuite bedrooms and an inner courtyard with grill. Each bungalow will be delivered fully finished and equipped under the turnkey mode.

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  • Beach clubhouse with a pool
  • Ocean-front sundeck
  • Restaurant and beach bar (during the summer season)
  • Woodland grill area
  • Natural grass tennis court surrounded by acacias
  • An onsite ‘casero’—or groundsman—who’s been taking care of the property from the days when it was an estancia (a real plus).

Responsible landscaping

The landscaping of Las Cárcavas was one of the last projects by British landscape designer, the late John Brookes. Brookes, together with Argentines Barzi and Casares, based their design on the preservation of the natural environment and sustainability, prioritising low-maintenance local species, the responsible use of water and encouraging the native fauna.

The ‘cárcavas’—small gullies formed by water erosion over 140,000 years ago which give this part of the coast a mini lunar landscape look—are carefully respected.

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What’s close by

Learn more about Las Cárcavas

Visit the Las Cárcavas website and take a virtual tour (it’s stunning, you even hear the plop of the tennis balls)

This article is sponsored by Las Cárcavas—Inspired by Nature. Sales exclusively through Engels & Völkers Punta del Este.

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