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A lot of people ask me “how long should I stay in Montevideo?”

Well, Montevideo has it all – sun, sand, progressive political system, the world’s longest carnival, tango venues still mainly frequented by locals, historic cafes, great meat…

There are so many things to do that in my experience it’s well-worth spending at least four nights to really get a flavour of the city.

Even better, stay a week or ten days and do some day trips – and sleep some siestas!

As a capital city, Montevideo has an international airport, world-class entertainment and yet as it is so small it is easy to get around on foot or by bus and the locals are extremely friendly to travellers.

If you have just four days and four nights in Montevideo here’s a sample of what you might do.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Breakfast at Cafe Misiones

10am Free walking tour of the Old City starts Plaza de Independencia


Breakfast at Cafe Brasilero

Walk 18 de Julio street appreciating art-deco buildings. Viewing point from Municipality

Walk part of the 25 km rambla (off-season)Sunbathing at one of Montevideo’s beaches (summer) Tristan Narvaja antiques and flea market
Afternoon Afternoon Afternoon Afternoon
Lunch at La Pasionaria.Stroll the Colonial Square. Sarandi Street including Torres Garcia and Gurvitch Galleries and Puro Verso bookstore Andes 1972 plane crash survivors museumor Sailing or windsurfing with Full Sailing at Punta Gorda Tour and lunch at the world-class Bodega Bouza Vineyard Lunch in the Port Market aka “Disneyland for carnivores”or
Football Fanatics tour
Dinner at Dueto

Live music and/or drinks at Cuidadela

Craft beer at Montevideo Brew House, PocitosShow at the intimate Museo del Vino
Visit the funfair at Parque Rodó, Montevideo’s oldest park

Watch the locals dance tango at Lo de Margot

Candombe drumming on the street in Parque Rodó

The Guru makes almost daily recommendations regarding things to do in Montevideo, especially music and dance.

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