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Are you looking for things to do in Uruguay that are completely original? Fly Uruguay will take you on a panoramic flight in a plane or helicopter over the Uruguay coast or fly inland to a winery or estancia in the fraction of the time it takes by road.

Fly Uruguay is also the quickest, most personalised way to fly regionally between Uruguay to Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.

Fly Uruguay is a small, reputable company founded over a decade ago by Federico Francois. He bought a plane in the USA and flew it down to Uruguay on a fourteen-day adventure flight. After that there was no going back to the office. He quit a successful career in technology to dedicate himself to flying full-time. He began his career offering guided scenic flights—which he still does personally—, private flights and he’s also an instructor and helicopter and glider pilot. 

Things to do in Uruguay with Fly Uruguay

Scenic flights over Montevideo and Punta del Este – 25 to 30 minutes experience (Guru’Guay loved her experience, watch on YouTube or Instagram or Tik Tok)

Charter flights in Uruguay and the region on small planes, twins, turboprops, jets and helicopters

Connect with major airports Buenos Aires or San Pablo to connect with your overseas flights

Fly in or out of Uruguay at a fraction of the price Empty seats and empty legs available

Wine and Fly (and avoid drinking and driving) including to Pueblo and Bodega Garzón flying. Fly Uruguay helps create Garzon’s airstrip

Tailor-made flights Imagine your flight and Fly Uruguay can take you there. They have access to private runways and grass strips throughout Uruguay easily to fly in and out

Aerial photography Choose any spot. For example whale-watching August to October

Air sports Skydiving, paragliding and gliding

Learn to fly Fly Uruguay is an authorised flight school. Flying lessons from 100 USD

FBO Services at main airports and banner towing.

What you should know

More affordable than you think A panoramic flight starts at 150 USD (1-3 passengers) and flying lessons at USD 100 per person.

Empty legs can often be had for a fraction of the price of a private flight. (What is an empty leg flight) For instance, between the capitals of Argentina and Uruguay—Buenos Aires and Montevideo‚—an empty leg takes just 50 minutes and can cost from USD 200. That can be cheaper than going by ferry.

Make a direct enquiry Fly Uruguay is a small company too focused on giving their clients a 5-star service than updating their website and social media. For immediate service and quotes, contact Fly Uruguay directly by phone any time of day or night.

Languages spoken English and Spanish

Aircraft include all types of aircraft (small planes, helicopters, turboprops and jets). There’s even a Grand Caravan EX, the latest evolution of the Cessna 208, built in the USA to land 8 passengers safely on just half a mile of the most basic runway.

Your safety is paramount Fly Uruguay is chosen by multiple private owners to maintain their planes to the highest standards.

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Fly Uruguay

Phone and WhatsApp +598 99 590 210 (24 hours a day)


Photos: Mateo Boffano / Fly Uruguay

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