Flights to Uruguay from Miami: Nothing direct, what to do?

With no direct flights from the United States, what are your best options for flights to Uruguay from Miami, USA?
By Karen A Higgs
Flights to Uruguay from Miami
Last updated on July 25, 2023

As of March 2023, travelers seeking direct flights from Miami to Uruguay have faced a change in their options. American Airlines, which previously operated the only direct route, suspended its services until the start of the southern summer.

But here at Guru’Guay we wouldn’t necessarily have opted for a direct flight anyway. Read on to learn why.

Your best options for flights to Uruguay from Miami

At Guru’Guay, we love South American airlines LATAM, Avianca and Copa Airlines.

A flight with connections may only take a couple of hours longer than a direct flight (11.5 hours vs 9.5 hours for the direct flight).

While transfers in some airports can be a bit of a nightmare, especially when you don’t speak the language, changing planes in Santiago (LATAM), Panama City (Copa Airlines) and Lima (with Avianca) is a relative breeze.

The great advice in your guide saved me $500USD on my airline ticket!

When is American Airlines resuming direct flights from Miami to Montevideo?

American Airlines service restarts Montevideo to Miami on October 30 2023 and ends again March 30 2024.

So definitely think about supporting great South American airlines which fly every day all year round

Find the cheapest flights to Uruguay from Miami

WayAway is a flight aggregator that gives travelers the best rates on airline tickets across the globe—including all airlines flying to Uruguay.

Plus, if you sign up to WayAway’s membership plan, you’ll get additional cashback on flights bookings.

This page includes affiliate links. When you book using WayAway, we earn a small fee. Thank you for supporting Guru’Guay 🇺🇾

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Arrival and departure times from Montevideo

The Carrasco International Airport keeps arrivals and departures well updated on their website.




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  1. Our last visit in January from New Jersey to Montevideo included the flight out of Miami… needless to say it snowed here and we missed our flight – a total disaster. We were pleasantly surprised when we ended up flying to Panama on Copa and then MVD. Would recommend that flight. The airport was great, lots of duty free and the flight left on time.

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