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Sometimes you just want a really satisfying meal at the beach without paying an arm and leg for it. At their Punta Del Diablo restaurant, Euphoria sells tasty, tasty grilled sandwiches with over a dozen fillings, ice cold beer and hearty specials overlooking the Fishermen’s beach.

Dutch-speaking Belgian Bruno and his Sicilian partner Salvatore met in Brussels seven years ago. They began thinking about leaving Europe “for a better quality of life”. They both love Latin America and the more they learned about Uruguay—“open, quiet, stable and safe,” says Bruno—they decided to come check us out. They wanted to be near water and when they were passing through Punta Del Diablo, they saw a ‘For Rent’ sign on a pizzeria right on the beach.

Despite having zero culinary experience—but definitely a passion for food, quality and good service—Bruno had had the idea of a toasted or grilled sandwich bistro for some time. And they needed to make a living. That’s how Euphoria came into being in 2023. I went to visit them after being impressed by their almost perfect customer ratings on Google.

One year on, the sandwich choices off have gone down from a staggering 17 different toasted sandwiches all of locally-sourced ingredients. You can choose a full round or half round (chico or grande).

There’s the classic cheese and ham, and cheese and tomato toasties (these two beloved by Uruguayans). But then things get interesting—and dare I say, more European. I chose a half Euphoria sandwich—made of local roast pork loin, cheese and a totally unexpected, delicious cauliflower sauce. I also chose half an Atlántico sandwich—filled with hot prawns from Rocha cooked in garlic and parsley, fresh pesto sauce and boursin cheese (from a local goat keeper).

And it’s not just toasted sandwiches. Euphoria offers a number of different dishes and daily specials. Even though we’re at the coast, Uruguayans love their meat, so there’s always at least one beefy special plus handmade burgers.

What you should know

  • Everything is handmade—except for the fries (my pet peeve, I did register my complaint 😂 and they told me that getting a reliable source of potatoes is their biggest problem)—and super flavourful due to a liberal use of herbs.
  • The sourdough sandwich bread is specially commissioned from a French couple living locally. Toasted sandwich bread needs to be square and have a particular density—and no air holes.
  • Uruguayans love a hearty meal. And Euphoria likes to please. Portion sizes are ample and the toasties come with fries.
  • Bruno and Salva are happy to customise your order. My Atlántico sandwich called for ‘red pesto’ and as I don’t like red peppers, I asked if I could get a basil or green pesto instead. And I got it (I love these guys!). They say it’s no hassle—unless the resto is super busy—because everything is made from scratch.
  • Look out for the great value promos. This summer 2023-24 there’ll be a mixed grill.
  • The location over the Fishermans Beach is really spectacular. In February even more so as the moon appears to rise out of the sea. It’s spine-chillingly marvellous. And you get the best view to take photos of it from Euphoria’s veranda.


Avenida de los Pescadores S/N, Punta del Diablo, Rocha

Make reservations with Bruno by calling over WhatsApp +598 93 859 900 or sending a message. He’ll get back to you in not more than 15 minutes.

Summer opening hours

December 20 to  the end of February (and possibly longer), the kitchen is open noon till midnight.


Sandwiches from 240 pesos

Photos: Euphoria

5 Responses

  1. Thank you for recommending Euphoria! We ate there twice during our stay in Punta del Diablo, we liked it so much. The location is great and offers terrific views of the beach. Service was quite attentive and we appreciated the owners coming to our table to chat and provide advice about options. Food was fantastic–creative, well-made and good portions. And the selection of local beers was good as well. Excellent value-highly recommend!!

  2. Amazing experience. Salvator and Bruno are so kind. All the meals we tasted on their card were really good and cheaper than all the places we went during our travel in Uruguay.
    They also offer a really nice room if you plan to stay a few days I Punta del Diablo.
    We truly recommend this place!!

    1. Merwane – so great to hear you also think they are amazing (me too!) and thank you for taking the time to write Euphoria’s very first review on Guru’Guay! — Karen

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