Es Mercat

The best fish & seafood restaurant


Hand on heart. The Guru’Guay will wager that this is the best fish and seafood restaurant in Montevideo.

The merluza negra (sea bass fished in the South Atlantic) seasoned solely with rock salt is particularly amazing. Regulars bring the chef unique salts back from their world travels.

The trick to having the best culinary experience at Es Mercat is to have the chef and owner Roberto Connio choose for you.

For two, he’ll generally recommend a couple of appetizers and one main course as main dishes are large enough to share.

A chef from Texas told me that he was so blown away by the food that by the time his main course arrived, “my eyes filled up”.

Bring an appetite.  Credit and debit cards are accepted.

When to visit

Open every day noon-5.30pm, Thurs-Sat 8pmmidnight (more evenings in summer)


To reserve a table, email Lili at [email protected] or call +598 2917 0169

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