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What is candombe?

Candombe is an essential part of Uruguayan culture. Every neighbourhood has its comparsa (troupe), regardless of social class or background.

Las Llamadas - Uruguay carnival - by Jimmy Baikovicius

San Baltasar Carnival parade – January 6

My friend who’s ‘carnival royalty’ says San Baltasar is like carnival was when she was a child. Your chance to see Uruguay carnival just after new year.

Whats on tonight in Montevideo

5 albums from Uruguay you MUST listen to

The Uruguay music scene has a mixture of rock, pop, tango, folklore, candombe, carnival sounds. Prepare to be surprised by the creativity and quality.

Montevideo Old City is blooming

Montevideo’s Old Town is blooming

Ciudad Vieja, the Old Town, is Montevideo’s most socio-economically diverse barrio. Check out how neighbours are bringing locals – and visitors – together.