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Who can get tax residency in Uruguay?

Who can get tax residency in Uruguay?

…and how is it different to legal residency? Come away with a good understanding including how it compares with Portugal’s golden visa.

Taxes in Uruguay

Taxes in Uruguay Q&A

Jump right in as we discuss burning questions from Guru’Guay readers on tax obligations for foreigners and residents in Uruguay.

Starting a business in Uruguay

Starting a business in Uruguay

Learn the basics of setting up a company in Uruguay—structures, set-up times, costs & requirements. Plus what to know about hiring & firing.

Retiring to Uruguay

Retiring to Uruguay Q&A

Will I pay tax on a pension? Is overseas rental income good to get residency? Can I open a bank account? All your Q’s on retiring to Uruguay.

Living in Uruguay

Living in Uruguay: Residency & moving

Join us as we ask an expert about the basics to live in Uruguay—obtaining residency, bringing personal belongings tax-free & health care.

Investing in Uruguay - Farmland

Investing in Uruguay: Farmland

Uruguay is 95% rural. In the 1st of a 6-part series on living, working & investing in Uruguay, we quiz an expert on the ROI of investing in farmland.