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The Montevideo Marijuana Museum

The Cannabis Museum puts the country’s ground-breaking legislation in context and explains, why for Uruguayans, it’s not as radical as you might think.

I love Montevideo - candombe troupe - by Jimmy Baikovicius

Why we love Montevideo

Montevideo is often overshadowed by Buenos Aires. Three well-travelled bloggers tell what made them fall in love with South America’s off-the-radar capital.

Mujica Fusca

Uruguay president gives hitch-hiker a ride

President picks up hitch-hiker—only in Uruguay. Once again President Pepe Mujica proves that he is made of different stuff from other world leaders.

Even the buses have free wifi!

It’s really, really easy to get online in Uruguay. In fact, Uruguay is the only country in the world to completely implement One Laptop Per Child.