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Back in 2013 I wrote: The bad news is, breakfast is not big in Uruguay.

A typical breakfast in Uruguay is a café con leche accompanied with a couple of bizcochos (sweet or savoury pastries) or a sandwich caliente (toasted ham and cheese -or tomato and cheese- sandwich).

However things are starting to change! A few Montevideo restaurants are starting to realise that there is a public for great breakfasts, good coffee and brunch.

The Guru is on a personal and professional search for BRUNCH in Montevideo

Check out the cafes we love in our ‘Food & Drink‘ section and our recommendations in The Guru’Guay Guide to Montevideo where breakfast and brunch recommendations have a whole chapter.


Freshly-baked bread and bizcochos available from 7am until 9pm each day (except Sundays) at the classic Confiteria 25 de Mayo, 25 Mayo 655 on the corner of B. Mitre (the street with the bars).

While you’re at the bakery, you might want to get something to go with your maté later on in the day. Uruguayans are addicts for masitas (pictured left).

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