Real estate in Uruguay on the beach in stunning national park

Ltd edition of ecological beach homes to be built—with the support of the local community—in Cabo Polonio. A unique investment opportunity.
By Karen A Higgs
Last updated on October 16, 2023


A very limited number of ecological contemporary beach homes are to be built—with the support of the local community—in Cabo Polonio, a national park and iconic fishing hamlet on the Atlantic Ocean, 250 km (155 miles) from the international airport.

Most visitors to Uruguay say their most unforgettable destination was Cabo Polonio. El Cabo has some of the longest, most deserted beaches on the Uruguayan coast, vast dunes, colonies of seal lions and is dotted with tiny picture postcard wooden houses.

Arenas del Cabo is a new very limited development overlooking the Calavera beach and the company entrusted with the development is Balsa & Asociados.

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Real estate in Uruguay on the beach for sale


A very limited number of circular 176 m² plots (unfenced as is the local tradition) are available. Prices from U$S 125,000 with discounts for cash payments and financing of up to 96 instalments.

Plot + contemporary turn-key home

New construction is restricted and must strictly adhere to the Cabo Polonio Park Management Plan. The logistics of building in Cabo has been likened to building “on another planet”. It makes economic and ecological sense to consider contracting your home at the same time as purchasing land from the developers.

Balsa & Asociados have a number of sample plans for you to peruse. The blend beautifully into the landscape with:

  • Designs reflect existing homes owned by local fishing folk and artists
  • Limited ground occupation maximum 40 m2 base, maximum 2 floors
  • Entirely of wood to produce a minimal carbon footprint
  • Elevated On piles to permit dune movement
  • Solar heating, water collectors, biodigesters for waste management to minimise ecological impact

Prices from U$S 330,000 including land.

Interested in investing in Cabo Polonio?

Invest in Arenas del Cabo

Examples of housing models and prices


Arenas del Cabo is a Uruguay real estate venture by Balsa & Asociados, a triple impact company. Triple impact revolves around economic growth, social equality and environmental sustainability. Guru’Guay interviewed members of the community in advance of our coverage.  Guru’Guay’s opinions are always our own.




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