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Pisano Wines Uruguay – Kings of Tannat

Pisano Wines, an award-winning Uruguay winery, exports to 48 countries but they don’t do tours. They’re too busy ‘cooking’ wine.

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Tannat for beginners

One in every three bottles of wine produced in Uruguay is a Tannat. What does Uruguay’s flagship wine taste like? Here’s a guide to get started, by locals.

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The Top Tannats of 2020

One in three bottles of Uruguay wine is a Tannat. Yes, Uruguayans LOVE this red. Nowadays there’s a Tannat for every occasion. We celebrate the Top Tannats.

Bodega Cerro Chapeu - Uruguayan wine
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Bodega Cerro Chapeu – Uruguayan wine legends

Led by a “winemaker legend”, Cerro Chapeu is a must-do Uruguayan wine destination. In the wild middle of nowhere, it is a shock to discover such an exciting, modern winery, say experts.


Canelones: Home to 50% of Uruguay wineries

A full half of all of the wineries in Uruguay are located in Canelones. These were founded often 4-5 generations ago by European immigrants.

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An introduction to Uruguay wine country

Uruguay is the new world’s undiscovered wine gem. Plan your trip to Uruguay wine country. Tips to regions, wine tasting in Montevideo & private wine tours.

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2020: the best Uruguay wines in decades

Following a textbook harvest, experts and winemakers are heralding Uruguay wines of 2020 as some of the best in decades, reports sommelier Adriana Rossi.