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The WHALES are back in Uruguay!

Whales in Punta del Este by Remco Douma

The first sighting of the southern right whales in Uruguay this year was June 11 2016 off the coast of La Paloma in the department of Rocha, Uruguay’s most easterly province, and just a three hour drive from Montevideo. Since then there has only been one more confirmed sighting.

However, if last year is anything to go by, it’s just a slow start and soon we’ll be getting numerous daily sightings until November.

Uruguay – whale watching in South America where you don’t need to take a boat

And of course, the most amazing thing, in Uruguay you don’t need to hire a boat or go on an expensive trip to watch whales. Between June and November you can watch them close-up from the beach itself.

The video above was taken in Punta del Este, a two-hour drive from Montevideo, in 2012. The whales are 20-30 metres off the coast, that’s 60-100 foot away from the people on the beach!

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Photo: Uruguay in Photos 

Whales in Punta del Este by Remco Douma. whale watching south america.
Whales at sundown in Punta del Este



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    June 27, 2016

    Very cool!
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