Uruguayan beach in January. Photo: Guruguay.net
Uruguayan beach in January. Photo: Guru’Guay


Uruguay is a temperate country. Not tropical. And there are four seasons.

Spring September, October, November
Summer December, January, February
Autumn March, April, May
Winter June, July and August.

When is the best time to visit Uruguay?

High season in Uruguay are the hottest months temperature wise –January and February– but then is not necessarily the best time to plan your visit. My analysis takes into account summer temperatures, when the beaches are emptiest, hotel prices the lowest and cultural events the most vibrant.

Protecting yourself from serious sunburn

Between November and March, if you go out at midday for more than 15 minutes without sunscreen on, you are going to get burned. Uruguay, Argentina and Chile are perilously close to a big hole in the ozone layer and it’s extremely easy to ruin your holiday on the very first day if you don’t take special precautions. This article is essential reading for anyone planning to visit the Southern Hemisphere in summer.

Winter in Uruguay

The temperatures make it look like it’s balmy out – but beware! What temperatures to expect in winter and what to wear

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  1. Maria Sander

    February 8, 2016

    Hi, what’s the difference in hours between the longest and shortest day thoughout the year?
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