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Wine tours in Uruguay

Feeling Uruguay – wine tours in Uruguay

Damian of Borravino Wine Tours was born and brought up in Mendoza, the heart of Argentinian wine country and the home of Malbec. As a child a weekly tradition was to accompany his grandfather who was the manager of one of the largest estancias (or ranches) in Mendoza to choose the wine for Sunday lunch.

In Argentina, vineyards are big business with generally large-scale operations. One vineyard there may produce more wine than all the Uruguayan wine-makers combined.

So Uruguay was still a bit of a secret –even in wine circles– when almost a decade ago Damian decided to make a big life change. He left Argentina and moved to Colonia del Sacramento, a small town with UNESCO heritage status in Uruguay, just an hour across the water from Buenos Aires.

However it wasn’t just the charm and history of Colonia that impacted him. It was the wine.

The quality of the wines being produced in Carmelo, just an hour’s drive from his new home blew him away. He was particularly excited by Tannat, Uruguay’s answer to Malbec.

Feeling Uruguay - wine tours in Uruguay
Trying fine wine straight from the barrel!


Damian knows that the uniqueness of Uruguayan wine culture is that the wineries are small family-run concerns.

You get to meet the owners -incredibly warm, kind people– and winemakers in person. They share their passion and love of viticulture with you.

Not only do you get a feel for the wine, but you also get a feeling for Uruguay itself.

The wine roads of Colonia-Carmelo and Montevideo

Damian offers tours of two outstanding Uruguayan wine-producing regions:

Montevideo and Canelones wine road

Most of Uruguay’s wine is produced in vineyards just outside of the capital Montevideo and its neighbouring province Canelones. The closest vineyard is just ten minutes drive from the city centre. However most vineyards are not open to the public. So a wine tour is the only way to see the majority.

Colonia and Carmelo wine road

Colonia is a south-western province most well-known for the historic city of Colonia del Sacramento. The eight wineries are just outside the town of Carmelo and almost all dedicated specifically to boutique-production.

Damian’s tours will take you on a one-day trip along either the Montevideo-Canelones wine road or the Colonia-Carmelo wine road – or what the hell, do both!

[Note from the Guru: Colonia, Carmelo and Montevideo are all points of entry by boat from Buenos Aires. With Colonia just one hour by ferry from Buenos Aires, you can realistically do a Colonia-Carmelo wine tour in a day trip – though we recommend that you make your wine tour a highlight of a longer stay in Uruguay.

The wineries in Montevideo-Canelones are more spread out, and the ferry ride from Buenos Aires takes over two hours, so ideally plan your Montevideo-Canelones wine tour as part of a minimum four day-three night stay in Montevideo.]

The sun goes down over vineyards in Carmelo, Uruguay
The sun goes down over vineyards in Carmelo, Uruguay

Historic city and gastronomy tours

Damian’s a passionate history buff so if you want to mix and match a wine tour with a short city tour of Montevideo or Colonia’s Old Towns, that’s also an option.

He’s also putting together gastronomy tours of Uruguay’s best cheese-makers and olive-oil producers. I haven’t seen anyone else doing this yet. So do ask him if that’s something you’re interested in.

What’s included in a Borravino tour

  • All transfers
  • Expert guide and sommeliers
  • Visits to 1, 2 or 3 family-owned wineries
  • Tasting of up to 10 or more wines (including from the barrel)
  • Picadas” – plates of local cheeses, cured hams, breads
  • Opportunity to meet winemakers facetoface
  • The tour takes up to seven hours depending on the tour chosen
  • Come away with good background on Uruguayan wine, the signature wine, Tannat, and how wines are made here
  • Come away with a real feel for Uruguay
  • Tours in Argentinian wine country (Mendoza and in the future, Salta) available
  • Reservations and payment online

More information on Borravino wine tours

Ready to book or got more questions? Fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

5% off for Guru’Guay readers Our readers get a 5% discount when you book any Borravino tour using promo code “Guruguay”. 

Photos: Borravino and Guru’Guay


  1. Kim

    February 16, 2018

    We will be in colonia de Sacramento February 28 th and would like to visit some wineries and olive orchards. It would be for 2 people. Thanks kim

    • The Guru of GuruGuay

      February 16, 2018

      Hi Kim, we’ll put you in direct contact with Damian right now, however for other readers click here to fill out the form to reserve with him directly and that way ensure you get the 5% Guru’Guay discount on the tour price. All the best — Karen

  2. paul

    January 29, 2018

    Hello. I will be in Buenos Aires from May 5th to May 11th. I would like to come to Carmelo / Colonia to explore the wine region / Colonia and enjoy the local food and wine.

    a) Is it possible to stay overnight somewhere / in a nice hotel? Somewhere in Colonia?
    b) Will you arrange for me to be picked up from where the Ferry from Buenos Aires arrives?

    Thank you

  3. Olivier

    January 14, 2018

    I contacted one of the guys your present in your post. Unfortunately the prices they ask for are completely crazy, it’s more expensive than in France! Is Uruguay such a rich country, or is just because tourists are supposed to be cash cows? Very dissapointed!…

    • The Guru of GuruGuay

      January 15, 2018

      Hi Olivier, I am not sure what the prices you were offered were but in my experience wine tours cost anything from 119-200 USD per person. That includes everything including transport which is one of the most expensive costs. Given that the guide is with you for sometimes up to 7 hours, it does not seem like a huge amount. But yes, Uruguay is not a cheap country if that was what you were expecting…

  4. Debbi Twellman

    December 8, 2017

    My husband and I will be visiting my daughter and her fiancé April 14-20, 2018. We will be mostly staying in Montevideo and would love to a wine tour for a day. Could you do that and what is the cost? Thank you for your help. Thanks, Debbi

  5. kim

    November 11, 2017

    we will be in colonia on february 27 and 28. we are wondering if we could set up a wine tour. we are interested in wine, cheese ,olive oil, micro brewery. is it possible to do a combination like this?thanks kim

  6. Welshwitch in Uruguay

    November 3, 2015

    Hi Leslie, that’s real kudos coming from one of the owners of Artesana Winery! All the best Karen


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