Guru'Guay - support usIf you’re here, it means you either have a desire to support Guru’Guay or you’ve run out of articles to read elsewhere on the site. Heh.

For those who want to support Guru’Guay – thank you! We will continue to exist only if readers support us. Guru’Guay is free and will always be free. And you’re allowed to leave this page and reject the concept of supporting the site. We still like you.

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1) Spread the word

A free way to help in a huge way is just to tell your friends about the site and share our articles on social media. And when you visit or contact a business because you found out about them thanks to Guru’Guay, please mention us. It really does help – plus you might receive what the Uruguayans call an “atención”, a discount or gift. What’s not too love about a free glass of wine?? It’s a win-win.

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If you buy The Guru’Guay Guide not only will you be getting your paws on essential planning input for your trip to Uruguay but you’re supporting us directly. So thank you! However, just so you know, Amazon takes around 70% of the book price. So if you prefer most of what you pay to reach Guru’Guay, shop strategically – that means, get the paperback from Create Space and the digital version from the Guru’Guay Shop.

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*Various readers have told us how they’ve saved up to 500 dollars on travel fares alone.

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5) Answer a burning question

It’s lonely in a little office in Montevideo sometimes and we could use someone to kick a mental football around with regarding ideas of how to best serve our readers. We’ll post questions periodically and if you fancy answering, that would be just great.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for existing and thanks for helping us exist —

Karen Higgs (more about me)