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Thinking of moving to Uruguay?

Paul McCartney waves Uruguay flag on stage
Even Paul McCartney loves Uruguay!

Mark and Lisa Marie Mercer have been in Uruguay for the last few years and have lots of tips based on their own experiences and research on moving to Uruguay from the USA, getting residency and bringing their pet greyhound.

I should say my own residency experience (I moved here in 2000) was more painful than Mark describes – he clearly had a better attitude – embrace the bureaucracy!- than I did!

Mark says: “We actually haven’t written the “definite” residency post yet. But we do have an ongoing series. There’s also going to be a simplified, overview, as part of our new “Uruguay Basics” series. Next one is either going to be healthcare, travel to Uruguay, finances in Uruguay, or some other intro topic.”

The new series does looks pretty interesting and informative. See part one just out in November.

Photo: Jimmy Baikovicius

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  1. Mark Mercer

    December 3, 2014

    Wow, wonderful recommendation for us, Karen, thanks! Glad you liked the article and hopefully both of our sites’s readerships will benefit from both Guru’guay and Uruguay Expat Life.

    By the way, that “we have you in our sidebar blogroll” actually now really is “we have you in our sidebar blogroll”. It was active on our alternate/backup site, but not on our main one. Fixed that!


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