Tour Montevideo’s Old Town with Christine Dulin, who’s been living in the city for more than half a decade now. Climb the iconic Palacio Salvo for birds eye views of the city. Get a feel for Montevideo’s vibrant carnival and afro-Uruguayan culture. Learn juicy historical background and secrets behind the city’s most beautiful architecture. And most importantly taste that mate tea that everyone but everyone is carrying around!

If you want, Christine can help you on how to navigate public transport or map out your preferred shopping locations and entertainment spots.

Your tour ends at the Port Market, BBQ Mecca. After your time with Christine, you’ll be ready to explore the city independently armed with the tools to get to the best stuff faster.

Available days

Almost all days, pending availability

What’s included

  • A three-hour private city tour for you and your group
  • A trilingual guide who is very knowledgeable about the city
  • Guided tour of the Palacio Salvo (approx. 50min)
  • Entrance fee and guided tour of the Carnival Museum (approx. 20min)
  • Mate tasting
  • Great information about the history and culture of Uruguay
  • Tour in English, Spanish or German


FAQ How much walking is involved?

You’ll walk just over a mile but as the tour takes around three hours and there’s a lot of shade, it should not be hard going.

FAQ Where does the tour start and end?

You’ll start at one end of the Old City at Palacio Salvo, right on the Independence Square and end at the port market at the other end.

FAQ How the hell do you pronounce Ciudad Vieja?

Ciudad Vieja is how you say Old City in Spanish, and it’s the name of the neighbourhood, which is of course the capital’s historic barrio. You say it see-you-DAD vee-AY-zhah (or something like that anyway).


Solo tour 135 USD, two people 70 USD each, three people 65 USD each. Significant discounts for four or more.

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