Been thinking about moving to the great little land of Uruguay? The Guru is an expert on the country and the perfect resource for anyone thinking of relocating from the US or other English-speaking countries. Book your session now, this special introductory offer won’t be available for long.

Based in Montevideo since 2000, author of the best selling Guru’Guay Guides to Uruguay, Karen A Higgs has the knowledge and contacts to make your decision much easier. Karen knows first-hand the advantages and pitfalls of living and making a living in Uruguay. She loves living here but no place is perfect. Uruguay is not a good fit for everyone.

This could be the best investment you make before buying your plane ticket.

What’s included

  • One-hour online consultation on Skype, WhatsApp audio or FaceTime.
  • Prior to the consultation you will complete a short questionnaire about you and your family, your reasons for wanting to come to Uruguay and your expectations regarding lifestyle.

What you should know

An expert on Uruguay She is a recognised expert on Uruguay and has written two books: The Guru’Guay Guide to Montevideo (2016) and The Guru’Guay Guide to Uruguay: Beaches, Ranches and Wine Country (2017). Her readers include the British Ambassador to Uruguay and other notables.

An immigrant or expat like you Karen A Higgs was born and bred in the UK, studied in the UK and the US and has lived for many years in different countries in Latin America and the US. She moved to Uruguay with her family in 2000 and they loved it so much they never left, though they still regularly visit family and friends abroad.  Being British and having lived in the US, Costa Rica and Argentina as well, she can provide comparisons which you will find very valuable.

The best local contacts Like most places in the world and especially in Uruguay, the best experiences and services come by word of mouth. After so many years in Uruguay and thanks to her ground-breaking work in tourism which has garnered a great deal of interest in the Uruguay press, Karen has a priceless ‘Rolodex’ (yeah, that ages me) of the best English-speaking professionals who can make your eventual landing in Uruguay the softest possible. Use the consultation to pick some of that gold.

She tells is like it is Too many expat websites gloss over the reality. You can be comfortable that Karen will give you the real picture, warts-and-all when necessary.


FAQ: Why is the consultation an hour?

We’ve found that going longer takes away focus. We really recommend you record the meeting. You will want to go back to it again and again.

FAQ: Can I meet up with the Guru once I get to Uruguay?

Yes! The Guru is available for half-day and full-day consultations in situ.  See reviews below.

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    Nick Olcott

    We visited Montevideo with an eye toward a six-month stay next year. We couldn’t have had a better source of information that Karen. We had the full-day in situ consultation, and it was invaluable. After interviewing us very thoughtfully about what sort of place we might like to live, Karen gave us an extensive and detailed tour of various neighborhoods she thought might suit us. She is incredibly knowledgable about what each part of town offers in terms of available housing and local resources (restaurants, bars, music venues, grocery stores). This is very important in Montevideo. Many wonderful places hide behind rather plain facades. Karen steered us toward cultural events we never would have found on our own. She knows the city like a native, and she can tell you what living there is really like. If you’re considering a move or an extended stay in Montevideo, you couldn’t do better than to consult Karen.

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