Damián is the owner of Borravino, wine tours with history and soul. What Damián will show you in these tours is what makes Uruguay a beautiful place for wine tours: wineries of small-family run.

These places are an hour’s drive from the historical city of Colonia de Sacramento.

You will get to meet the owners, and winemakers in person. They are the friendliest people. And they will share their passion for wine with you.

Besides wine, Uruguayan food, history, and great customer service is what makes Damian’s tours so special.

The tours include:

  • All transfers
  • Expert guide and sommeliers
  • Visits to 1, 2 or 3 family-owned wineries
  • Tasting of up to 10 or more wines (including from the barrel)
  • Picadas” – plates of local cheeses, cured hams, breads
  • Opportunity to meet winemakers facetoface
  • The tour takes up to seven hours depending on the tour chosen
  • Come away with good background on Uruguayan wine, the signature wine, Tannat, and how wines are made here
  • Come away with a real feel for Uruguay
  • Tours in Argentinian wine country (Mendoza and in the future, Salta) available
  • Reservations and payment online


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