Gonzalo Millacet leads tours through the Parque Indigena, a national park on the Maldonado river just ten minutes outside Punta del Este and five minutes from La Barra. 

The park has been designated an important bird and biodiversity area by Birdlife International.

Two hundred and thirty species have been registered there, including flamingos. On a two-hour tour you’ll likely see 30-40 species. 

Enthusiasts should ask about an all-day tour to Jose Ignacio and the Laguna Garzón. 

What’s included

  • Checklist in English
  • Binoculars


How long does the tour last?

The tour lasts two hours


25 USD per person

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Photos: Gonzalo Millacet




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    Priscila Straccioni Pereira

    I had the great pleasure of visiting the Parque Indigena, located on the banks of the beautiful Arroio Maldonado. The images will be forever engraved on the memories photos but still more in my retina. I am grateful to Alejandra and Gonzalo, two specialists who are always willing to accompany those who wish to appreciate the place and its biodiversity of fauna and flora. It is possible to find magnificent examples of birds that chose the place to be their permanent or temporary home, in addition to the unique crab violinist. A sunset at Arroio Maldonado is an experience that all nature lovers should enjoy.

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