Tour the iconic headland of Punta Ballena on a bike. Explore an artificial forest, a labyrinth-like art gallery clinging to the cliff-face and fabulous sea views and sunset.

If you’re going for the long ride, you’ll start out from Punta del Este with an easy eight-mile ride along the ocean front. The road climbs towards the headland. You’ll meet up with riders who opted for a transfer to Punta Ballena and together head to the Lussich Arboreteum.

Arboretum Lussich This park is considered the most important forest reserve in South America and the seventh in the world. Its 450 acres include 370 types of exotic tree and sixty native to Uruguay.The ride continues back to Punta Ballena and Casa Pueblo.

Casapueblo Initially abstract artist, Carlos Paez Vilaró built himself a small summer house on the side of the cliff. Then as he needed more space, or friends came to stay, he built an extension. Eventually Casapueblo became a breathtaking thirteen-storey white-washed citadel staggered down the side of the peninsula. Páez Vilaró called it a habitable sculpture made in the style of the hornero, a native bird which builds cave-like nests from mud. You can visit the gallery and cafe and enjoy the marvellous view from the terrace. If the end of your ride coincides with sundown, it’ll be your chance to join the Sun Ceremony. A recording of the artist bidding the sun farewell played every day on the terrace is a Punta classic.

Available days

Every day from December to end of March

From Friday to Sunday, rest of the year

What’s included

  • Bilingual guide
  • Four or six hour tour
  • Light-weight aluminium bikes with 21 gears
  • Italian helmets with UV protection
  • Water
  • Medical assistance on call
  • Entrance to Casa Pueblo is optional (there is an entrance charge)


Where does the tour leave from?

Your guide will be waiting for you at a pre-arranged meeting point in Punta del Este or in Punta Ballena.

How long does the tour take?

You can choose the regular four-hour tour, or a longer six-hour tour. On the six-hour tour you meet your guide in Punta del Este and together you cycle along the ocean-front promenade to Punta Ballena. Transport is also available from Punta del Este (the total tour time is then four hours).

How strenuous is the tour?

Reasonably strenuous if you are not a frequent cyclist. This ride is uphill in sections for most of the first half. Of course this means that the other half is downhill!


65 USD per person

Reserve now or ask for a quote


  • Dress comfortably
  • If it is sunny wear sunscreen and a hat
  • In winter, wear a windbreaker, gloves and ideally something to cover your ears especially in winter
  • Bring some cash if you’d like to enter the museum at Casa Pueblo (costs under 10 USD)

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