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The Guru’Guay Guides: Where to buy in South America


The Guru’Guay Guide to Montevideo and The Guru’Guay Guide to Uruguay: Beaches, Ranches and Wine Country are the only English-language travel books written by someone who actually lives in Uruguay, one of South America’s off-the-radar destinations. You can buy them right now for your tablet or phone. Or pick them up in paperback on Amazon or at these stockists in Argentina and Uruguay.


Buenos Aires

  • Academia Buenos Aires Hipólito Yrigoyen 571, 4th floor just off Plaza de Mayo


Colonia del Sacramento, Colonia

  • Cafe Buen Suspiro, Calle de los Suspiros, on Colonia’s most iconic street <- only store with the two books
  • Charco Hotel, San Pedro 116, Old Town
  • La Posadita de la Plaza on the main square in the Old Town


Ciudad Vieja

  • Solis Theatre gift shop, Teatro Solis next to the Plaza de Independencia**
  • El Galeon, Plaza Independencia 1382 (rare and antiquarian bookstore)
  • Más Puro Verso, Sarandí 675 (classic bookstore)
  • Museo Andes 1972, Rincón 619 (museum)
  • Academia Uruguay language school on Colonial Square
  • La Pasionaria, Reconquista 587 (day-time restaurant, bookshop, gift shop)
  • Sin Pretensiones, Sarandí 366 (day-time restaurant and antique furniture store)
  • Alma Histórica Boutique Hotel on Plaza Zabala
  • La Lupa libros, Bacacay 1318 bis (bookshop)
  • Museo Torres García, Sarandí 683 (art gallery and museum to Uruguay’s most famous painter)
  • Moebius, Perez Castellano 1432 (books & art on the pedestrian street close to the port)

** Open seven days a week 11am-7pm

Alquimista Bistró & Hotel, Av Bolivia 1323 (charming hotel with restaurant) NEW!


  • Los Horneros, Guayaqui 3322 (wine and craft beer store)
  • My Suites, Benito Blanco 674 (thematic hotel and restaurant specialising in wine)
  • Libros de la Arena, Benito Blanco 962 (bookshop)

Parque Rodó

  • Escaramuza, Pablo de Maria 1185 (gorgeous bookshop with patio and open-air cafe, pictured above)
  • Mercado Ferrando, Chaná 2120 (gourmet market) NEW!
  • Friendly Point, Joaquin de Salterain 931 on the park (LGBTI tourist information)
  • Contraluz, Juan D. Jackson 865 (hostel)
  • Kalima,  Durazno 1952 (cultural restaurant and pub)

Punta del Este area

  • La Pasionaria, La Barra on the high street (design store)


Posada Valizas, Valizas (guesthouse)


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