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Uruguay tops the Americas Social Inclusion Index—again

Uruguay tops 2015 Americas Quarterly Social Inclusion IndexFor the third year running, Uruguay ranks at the top of the fourth annual 2015 Americas Quarterly Social Inclusion Index. The USA comes second and Argentina third.

The index looks at 22 categories, including economic and social data, as well as public opinion results in 17 of the 25 countries that make up the Americas.

Social issue highlights according to the report

“The Southern Cone country is a champion in LGBT rights and in access to formal jobs, and continues making improvements in areas such as the amount of GDP spent on social projects and financial inclusion.”

“It continues to struggle, according to the report, with civil society participation and can improve on ethno-racial inclusion, where it ranked in the middle of the pack.”

In second place in the 2015 rankings—moving up two places—is the United States, which scored high across several indicators: women’s rights, financial inclusion and personal empowerment by gender and race.

Argentina was third, lagging in ethno-racial inclusion and civil society participation by race and gender. “Nevertheless, it outranks several of its peers in indicators such as GDP spent on social programs.”

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  1. Maria Sander

    February 8, 2016

    Hi, I’m just wondering if you are still practising music. What’s your instrument? Are there possibilities in MV for hobby musicians to play together just for fun? I’m playing the flute and am considering UY as a possible next chapter in my life. Other things important to me are yoga, sewing (upcycling), riding a bike to get around, healthy food and rumaging through second hand stores or flea markets. Do you reckon I can find some of that in MV? I’ve lived in CR for 17 yrs and in NZ for another 6 yrs. Language is not a problem. Thx for answering and cheers, Marie


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